ACCEL Project

Embodied Media

Such media that a human user has his or her avatar body in an environment that the media mediates such as a computer generated information environment or a remote real environment and he or she is able to act using the avatar body as his or her own body in the environment. Virtual Reality and Telexistence are the typical examples of Embodied Media.

Embodied Media Project

Abbreviation of JST (Japan Science and Technology Agency) ACCEL project on “Embodied Media Technology based on Haptic Primary Colors”


In the ACCEL Embodied Media project, an integrated haptic sensation transmission module based on the principle of haptic primary colors will be developed. By making it widely available to industrial and general users, the early creation of products and services based on the recording, transmission, and reproduction of physical experiences with haptic sensations will be promoted. In order to foster innovations with social and economic impacts, two platform systems are planned to be constructed: one is an embodied content platform with consideration of practical applications in the fields of broadcasting and entertainment, and the other is an embodied telexistence platform, which enables the emergence of new industries, such as a telework industry using avatar robots.


Research Director: Susumu Tachi, Program Manager: Junji Nomura, Assistant Program Manager: Kouta Minamizawa